English Questions

If you are looking for English questions for the Accuplacer exam, please click on the links below for free sample questions on the English part of the placement test.

Sentence Skills

Sentence Completion

Reading Comprehension

Sentence Relationships

Accuplacer English Questions

The English part of the examination has sections on sentence skills and reading comprehension.

The sentence skills section of the exam assesses your ability to write grammatically correct sentences, which are also punctuated correctly.

Grammar skills tested on the exam include:

  • comparatives and superlatives
  • adjective usage
  • parallelism
  • pronouns usage
  • modifier placement
  • avoiding sentence fragments
  • punctuation and capitalization
  • use of cohesive devices

Your reading skills will be tested on the third¬†part of the exam. For further information, you can also¬†click on the links at the top of this page in the “English Questions” tab.

You may also be expected to write an essay in order to assess your English language skills. Please see our Writeplacer page for more details.

Note that if English is not your first language, you will probably take a version of the Accuplacer called the ESL LOEP Test.