Exam Format and Information

On this page, we will give you exam tips, all of the information you need about the exam format, and advice to help you raise your exam score.

Information about the Format of the Exam

The Accuplacer test contains seven parts. Four of the parts cover English skills, and three of the parts cover math.

You may need to take all of the test or just some of the parts.

You should inquire at your college’s testing and placement office if you are unsure about which parts of the examination you need to take.

The examination contains these seven parts. The amount of questions in each part are given after the description.

Please click on each of the links below for further information on the format of each part of the test.

Part 1 – Sentence Skills

10 questions on how to correct grammatical errors in sentences

Part 2 – Sentence Skills

10 questions on how to combine two sentences

Part 3 – Reading Comprehension

10 short passages followed by a comprehension question on each passage

Part 4 – Reading Skills

10 questions on the function and purpose of sentences

Part 5 – Arithmetic Skills

17 questions

Part 6 – Algebra

12 questions

Part 7 – College-Level Math

20 questions

Take Your Time and Choose Answers Carefully

First of all, remember that the exam is a computer-adaptive test. This means that the questions on the examination are automatically adjusted to your skill level.

So, the computer software will choose the difficulty level of following questions based on your success rate on previous questions for each section of the test.

The test is not timed, so relax, slow down, and think about each response carefully.

Careful consideration of your answers is important because once you have chosen an answer and gone to the next question, you can’t go back and change your answers to previous questions.

Also remember that if you answer several questions incorrectly, the software will automatically begin to give you easier questions, which may result in you earning fewer points overall.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Test

When you report to your college or university to take the test, you must have photo identification with you.

You need to check with your college or university regarding whether or not you can use calculators or dictionaries during the test.

Various institutions have different rules about the use of these types of study aids during the exam.

Your college or university may also ask you to take an essay assessment as part of the test.

If you would like additional tips on how to improve your performance on the day of your Accuplacer test, please click on the link below.

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