Cut Off Scores

Accuplacer Cut Off Scores

Accuplacer cut off scores vary according to the placement guidelines of individual colleges and universities. That is because the test is administered directly by colleges and universities in the United States.

If you would like to know the cut off score that you need in your particular circumstance, you should inquire at your college or university’s advising and counseling office. This office is sometimes referred to as the testing and placement office.

The required cut off score will also vary according to whether you are taking the complete exam or not.

Visit Your College’s Testing and Placement Office

Your college may not require you to take all three parts of the exam in reading, English, and math. For instance, your college may tell you that you only need to take the algebra and sentence skills parts of the test.

So, when you are at the advising and counseling office of your college or university, it would also be worthwhile to enquire which exact parts of the exam you will be required to take.

In addition, you should ask whether your score will be reported to the registration and records office of your college. It may be the case that you will have to take your placement test score report to the registration and records office in person.

If you have not yet made an appointment to take your exam, you can register to take the test at your student advising and counseling office.

You also need to know the location of your testing center. The student counseling office will inform you where the testing center is located on your college or university campus.

Scoring by Computer and Other Considerations

Note that the examination is a placement test that is generally administered via the computer.

However, certain institutions still administer the pencil and paper version of the placement test.

If you are a student with special needs, your cut off score may be adapted or modified. Be sure to inform your testing office so that they can make arrangements for you on the day of your test.