Part 3

Information on Part 3 of the Exam

For further practice and information on part 3 of the exam, which is for reading skills, please click on the links at the bottom of this page.

The third part of the Accuplacer examination assesses your reading skills.

In the first section of the reading part of the test, you will read a passage and answer questions based on information that is contained in the text.

You will see both short and long passages on this part of the exam. Each reading passage is followed by a multiple choice question, with choices A, B, C, and D.

Free Reading Help – Question Types and Tips

The questions on this part of the reading test fall into four different categories:

1) Main idea of the passage

2) Specific details in the passage

3) Implication or indirect references in the passage

4) Questions asking about the author’s purpose

Since questions on the main idea and specific points are the most common, we would like to offer you some tips on these types of questions.

TIP: For main idea questions, you have to determine the primary purpose or overall point of the passage.

To answer these types of questions correctly, you should identify the thesis statement of the text, which is normally located in the first or last sentence of the first paragraph.

TIP: Specific detail questions normally begin with the phrases “according to the passage” or “the passage states that.”

Questions in this category rely on your ability to search through the passage and find a specific piece of information.

Now keep these tips in mind and continue to the free Accuplacer test for reading comprehension.

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You can also practice your reading skills in our online practice test.