Arithmetic Exercises

Here are some free arithmetic exercises for the Accuplacer.

Example 1:

Practical arithmetic problems are usually expressed in words.

Mary bought a used car that was on sale for $900. The original price of the car was $1200. What was the percentage of the discount on the sale?

Solution 1:

In order to calculate a discount, you must first determine how much the item was marked down:

$1200 − $900 = $300

Then divide the mark down by the original price:

300 ÷ 1200 = 0.25

Finally, convert the decimal to a percentage:

0.25 = 25%

Example 2:

For division problems on the arithmetic part of the exam, you must do long division until you have no remainder:

What is 6 ÷ 32 ?

Solution 2:


Example 3:

The arithmetic section also includes long multiplication problems.

42 × 0.25 = ?

Solution 3:

×  .25

Example 4:

For fraction problems, you have to find the lowest common denominator.

The denominator is the number on the bottom of the fraction.

Before you subtract the fractions, you have to change them so that the bottom numbers for each fraction are the same.

You do this my multiplying the numerator [top number] by the same number you use on the denominator for each fraction:

What is 2/31/6 ?

Solution 4:

The lowest common denominator for each fraction above is 6. In order to get the lowest common denominator, we have to convert the first fraction as follows:

2/3 × 2/2 = 4/6

When you have got both fractions in the same denominator, you subtract them:

4/61/6 = 3/6 = 1/2

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