PDFs – Information and Prices

Information on the printable PDF version of our materials.

If you are going to take only one part of the test, such as algebra or college math, you can get our practice tests in PDF format for each individual subject area of the exam.

Downloadable PDFs for the Accuplacer

You may be interested in the full-length PDF version of our materials if you are taking the complete examination and you want to print the tests and use them without a time limit.

The three full-length tests contain 265 questions with answers and detailed explanations for each answer.

The online version of our tests may be accessed for thirty days, and they cannot be printed.

Before proceeding, please read our Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page.

If you would like printed materials delivered to your door instead of getting them digitally in PDF format, click here for information on Accuplacer Test Success Paperbacks.

Math PDF

Do you need extra math practice?

For the details of our math course, please click here.

PDFs for Educators

Notice to teachers: If you are an educator, you should not purchase materials from this page. We have had to make this restriction because of copyright reasons.

We do, however, offer our substantial discounts for those wishing to use our materials in an educational setting.

Click here for Information on Educational Use of Our Materials

If you or someone you know is going to take the LOEP Test, the Accuplacer Test of English as a Second Language, please click here: Accuplacer ESL LOEP